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Business Operations Manual Blueprint 

Don't Gamble with Your Business: Plan for the Unexpected!

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Presented by Karen Brown,
Founder & CEO at One Karen Brown

Karen Brown is a motivated executive who has used her 20+ years of experience as a Chief Operating Officer to educate and empower women of color business owners to build sustainable business from business operations to their intellectual property.

The Business Operations Manual Blueprint Workshop

​This offer is a three-course program that can help overwhelmed women business owners get their businesses organized with workflows and systems within 120 days.

  1. Three (3) virtual workshops (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

  2. Six (6) virtual group coaching calls (60-minute calls)

  3. One (1) 60-minute hot seat group coaching call

  4. Course Work

    • Vision and Compliance​

    • Operations

    • Implementation and Optimization​​

Here is the list of solutions you will accomplish by the end of the course to benefit your business.

  • Solution 1: A compliance plan

  • Solution 2: A succession plan

  • Solution 3: Implement a business continuity plan

  • Solution 4: Document key processes and procedures

  • Solution 5: Organizational Blueprint for a strong management team

  • Solution 6: Business insurance assessment


Unlock the Secret to Long-Term Success.

What if circumstances beyond your control forced you to step away from your business? Don't leave your success to chance. Prepare for unforeseen events and safeguard your business's stability.


Create Your Business Operation Manual Blueprint

Imagine a future where your business thrives even in your absence. By devising a strategic plan, you can ensure that your hard work pays off and your legacy continues. 

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Save Your Spot Today!

Take control of your business's destiny! Start developing a comprehensive plan today to protect your interests and secure a prosperous future.

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