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Women Making An Impact

I'm searching for women who want to be a part of a movement that will bring together women of color and allies who are trying to navigate the confusing operational and legal landscape to develop a solid foundation for a business, create a unique blueprint to proactively find solutions for risks and threats, and use your individual expertise to collaborate with others on strategies and insights that can grow your business to seven figures.  This magic will give birth to a collective voice that can be used to create change in local communities and throughout the world.

Be a trailblazer, then reach back to teach the next generation their worth, power, and limitless opportunities.

This is for the woman who is betting on herself and willing to give her business all it deserves.



looking for a simple roadmap to structure your business and understanding the options available to you.


eager to learn the key elements of creating a business that meets federal, state, and local government regulations that protects your a$$.


who desires to invest time, energy, and effort to understand your unique business needs instead of someone building a business for you.


looking for a community that provides you with resources and knowledge to protect your intellectual property.


seeking accountability that nudges and reminds you of what you promised to do, and what you’re working towards.


who knows a child with dreams of being an entrepreneur and need a plan to support the child's dreams

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FEM500Co Membership Program

Thanks for submitting!

“The one year goals and journey planner is remarkably well done,
each section puts me at task on visualizing my goals for the future.


Truly excited and appreciate the mindfulness practice you are teaching through a spiritual path."

Job well done!

— K.P. Wyatt

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