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Picture of the CEO, One Karen Brown,

Business Coach

Strong foundations can weather storms

Karen A. Brown is the CEO of One Karen Brown, LLC.

Karen is the tree that bears fruit so others may eat.  An influencer to help women use their gifts and talents to create businesses to build generational wealth.

She went against her family's plan for her life to live on her own terms.


Karen is the creator of the FEM500CO Movement to help women over 18 to navigate the legal and business world to build successful companies that create generational wealth, then pay it forward by reaching back to the next generation of girls, and teach them to do the same. 

She is a warrior fighting for a cause for women to create their own tables with relentless perseverance.


She is a very hard-working passionate woman that radiates grace, wisdom, and authenticity.


Karen's accomplishments:

  • Anchor for GTV Fox5Plus,

  • Mentor to inspiring women entrepreneurs

  • Run two-million-dollar companies in the last 20 years

  • Built a million-dollar legacy for her nieces

  • Author of two business training books


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    What We Do



    Karen Brown is a skilled Business Coach who knows how to guide and inspire in both one-on-one sessions as well as group settings.

    It is important to be clear in three areas in your business, who you are, who you serve and how you serve.  This is what you should revisit and adjust on your journey to make sure you're being authentic to who you are and want to be to the world.




    Whether you are a start up or in business three years, there are certain foundational skills you should have to protect your intellectual property, business assets and your voice in the industry you serve. Your business can flourish with the right tools, resources, and support.
    What resources do you need to set your business up for success?



    You determine what success looks like for you and your business.  Once you determine what success looks like for you, we determine the core strategies to use to reach results.  The strategies are then broken down into attainable actions that will motivate you to get up in the morning ready to focus on specific actions. Are you ready to get started?



    If you're not focused and committed to your businesses success, we are not a fit for you. One Karen Brown will provide support and hold people accountable to take specific action to achieve their goals through expert advice and proactive coaching. Book a one-hour call today to find the change you’ve been seeking.


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    Wow what can I say but , thank you God for Karen , who has been a major help in me expanding my business . She is super supportive & very helpful in areas I know nothing about. She listens to your ideas & gives great suggestions . Sometimes she will send a proof & wondering ,why are you still up working 😁 It doesn't take a lot to see she knows what she's doing & wants nothing but success for you .

    L. Johnson, Massage Therapist, Hands Designed For You

    Karen has a wealth of knowledge to provide to striving and seasoned entrepreneurs. She is passionate about women achieving their goals and life's purpose. Need guidance in getting to the next step with your business? Give Karen a call, she will get you there!

    T. Hudnall, Esthetician and Massage Therapist, Zenergy Holistic Services

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